Techno-optimist, tinkerer, lifelong learner, and web developer.

Hello, world!

You can call me Nag. I enjoy solving real-world problems with technology. I currently work as an Engineering Manager at Nightfall, where I lead a team of talented front-end engineers.

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I write about topics that interest me, personal projects and hobbies. The easiest way to follow along is to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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    For years, Pocket was my go-to read-it-later app. It’s a great tool if you’re a disciplined reader who keeps up with their reading list. But that wasn’t me. By 2021, I found myself staring at a…

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    Read The Games People Play With Cash Flow - Commoncog “People with limited understanding of business think that business is all about making profits. But those who actually run businesses know that…

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Prior to joining Nightfall, I worked on projects in a diverse set of domains, including telecom, travel, micropayments, SaaS, and others. Occasionally, I also work on personal projects.

TripCloud screenshot


TripCloud is an integrated travel booking and expense management platform for small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. I founded TripCloud in 2015 (now inactive).

Privilege Rooms screenshot
Consulting Project

Privilege Rooms

Privilege Rooms is an invite-only hotel booking portal for the Indian market. I was responsible for the entire project - from wireframes and mockups to server-side and client-side development.

RevCash screenshot
Consulting Project


A micropayments platform initially targeted at the mobile gaming industry. I architected and built the v1, which includes a ledger management system, payment processing, web SDK, etc. Currently inactive.

3Ten8 screenshot
Consulting Project


Analytics software for 4G mobile network operators in the United States. I built the v1 web application which included complex charting, reporting, and administrative features.

Bookmarks+ screenshot
Personal Project


A bookmarking and read later service for power users. I'm building Bookmarks+ in my spare time and hope to launch it sometime in the next few months.