01. Hello

My name is Nagarjun

You can call me Nag. I'm passionate about solving real-world problems with technology. I am a full-stack web developer.

02. Blog posts

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nagarjun.co v3.0.0 - what's new

This website was long overdue for an update. I’m excited to launch nagarjun.co v3.0.0 - rewritten from the ground-up using Gatsby ! I deployed v2 in 2018. So, what’s new this time around? Fresh…

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Q1 2019 Round-up

I spent a lot of time this quarter thinking about my programming skills and what to learn next. The industry moves fast. New paradigms emerge every 3 - 5 years that completely changes the way you work…

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May 2018 Round-up

Lot of reading and learning in May. Here are my favorite articles and videos from last month. I'm also making my way through two interesting books - The Tycoons and Alex's Adventures in Numberland…

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Website refresh

I've been meaning to redesign and cleanup this website for the last 2 years but never got around to actually doing it until today. I'm excited about the final result! Read on to learn about this…

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Moving to Sketch

I use a number of tools throughout my design process. Typically, I start by logging my research into Evernote and compile my thoughts there. Once I do that, I try to draw a really rough wireframe…

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03. Showcase

Here are a few projects that I've worked on. I strive to build fast, scalable, accessible and user-friendly applications.

  • TripCloud screenshotStartup


    TripCloud is an integrated travel booking and expense management platform for small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. I founded TripCloud in 2015 (currently inactive).

  • Privilege Rooms screenshotClient project

    Privilege Rooms

    Privilege Rooms is an invite-only hotel booking portal for the Indian market. I was responsible for the entire project - from wireframes and mockups to server-side and client-side development.

  • RevCash screenshotClient project


    A micropayments platform initially targeted at the mobile gaming industry. I architected and built the v1, which includes a ledger management system, payment processing, web SDK, etc. Currently inactive.

  • 3Ten8 screenshotClient project


    Analytics software for 4G mobile network operators in the United States. I built the v1 web application which included complex charting, reporting, and administrative features.

  • Bookmarks Plus screenshotSide project


    A bookmarking and "read later" service for power users. I'm building Bookmarks+ in my spare time and hope to launch it sometime in the next few months.