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  • Links #1

    MAR 14 2023  -  LINKS

    Read The Games People Play With Cash Flow - Commoncog “People with limited understanding of business think that business is all about making profits. But those who actually run businesses know that…

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  • Fresh Start

    JAN 02 2023  -  ANNOUNCEMENTS

    Any experienced software developer will tell you that rewrites aren’t a good idea and yet, here I am announcing just that. Meet my all new, redesigned and completely rewritten website! 🎉 Although…

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  • My Salesforce $1 Million Hackthon Experience

    OCT 30 2014  -  HIGHLIGHTS

    A little over a week ago, @jishangiras and I won 3rd place* at Salesforce’s mega $1 Million hackathon. The 2 day event held in San Francisco was nothing short of phenomenal and unlike any I’ve…

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