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Hello there, fellow wanderer! You're going to spend the next few minutes getting to know me. Fasten your seatbelt and scroll away!

01. Get to know me

Me pitching my startup at The Business Travel Show
Me exploring the Apple Park Campus using ARMe in the captain's seat of a decomissioned Boeing 747

Left: Pitching my startup at the Business Travel Show
Top-right: Exploring the Apple Park campus using AR
Bottom-right: In the captain's seat of a decomissioned Boeing 747

Me exploring the Apple Park Campus using ARMe in the captain's seat of a decomissioned Boeing 747

Left: Exploring the Apple Park campus using AR
Right: In the captain's seat of a decomissioned Boeing 747

You already know my name so, let's skip that and speed through some basic stuff - I'm a design-minded full-stack web developer and entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India. If you look at the pictures above, it shouldn't be too hard to guess what excites me the most. In case you're still wondering, let me help you out - I love technology and aviation. When I was in the first grade, I presented an idea for a "flying car" at the science fair so, yeah, my love for technology and aviation goes way back!

I was introduced to the world of programming through an introductory QBasic course in middle school (early 2000s). Although I enjoyed writing QBasic, I didn't really fall in love with programming until I discovered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript a year later. I spent my early teens digging through the source code of GeoCities websites and worked my way up from there. Over the years, I also wrote some Java, but I kept getting pulled back into the world of web development. I love the web platform!

02. Notable achievements

  • In the 9th grade, I used my father’s name to participate in an international Microsoft hackathon as I was underage. To my surprise, I won! Microsoft awarded me an HP server (pre-cloud era).
  • Co-founded and ran the Bangalore Google Technology User Group (precursor to Google Developer Days) when I was in high school
  • I ranked top 4 in a national-level (India) Microsoft competition when I was in the 11th grade. Microsoft awarded me a copy of Windows Vista, Office, and an HTC Windows Mobile phone.
  • Dropped out of college to start Eduora - a modern Learning Management System and my first startup (now defunct). Eduora was the first international startup accepted into the Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley.
  • I won 3rd place in the 2014 Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon. I wrote about my experience here.
  • I founded TripCloud - an integrated travel and expense management platform for small-to-mid-sized companies in the United States. TripCloud is a part of Acceleprise, an enterprise startup accelerator in San Francisco.
  • Consulted for several technology startups in the United States and India

03. Tech stack

Here is my current "go-to" tech stack. I transitioned from PHP to Node.js several years ago. Although I still use Node.js, I now prefer to write back-end services with Go and occasionally explore languages like Rust. I've architected and deployed applications to GCP, AWS, and Heroku.

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04. Get in touch

I strive to build fast, accessible, and user-friendly applications. I've architected and built applications for my clients in industries as diverse as telecom, travel, events management, micropayments, etc. I learn quickly, hold myself to high standards, document my code, enjoy working in small teams, and prefer to work remotely.

For project enquiries:

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05. Colophon

This website wouldn't have been possible without the incredible open-source community.